- The Zonda stole his heart completely and thoroughly.

Top Gear 05-04: Pagani Zonda Roadster

Why special edition?

Every element of the review was so intriguing to me that I thought it could be one of my all time best Top Gear moments.

About the car

From 0 to 60 mph in about 3 seconds. 550 bhp. Top speed 218 mph. V12. £415,000. Only 30 kgs heavier than the hard top version. About 300 kgs lighter than the Lamborghini Murciélago Roadster.

Driving on the Motorway

'The best thing is, with the roof down, there's no hide from the V12 bellow.'

'This is my new home. In fact, I would sell my house, buy one of these and live in a tunnel.'

'Welcome to the Dark Side!'

'This is like nothing I have ever ever experienced. It is life-changing. I shall emerge a different man!'

'If you're 10 and you're watching this right now, it's exactly as good as you think it is. It is actually THAT good.'

Driving along the foothills of the Alps

'This is incredible to drive. It feels light and nimble.'

'I just wanna drive. I don't wanna stop doing this at all ever.'

The rain fall and the roof up

'The weather changed its mind, which meant I had to pull over and put the fingernail busting roof up.'

'Ooooookay. This is a very different experience. 550 bhp in the wet.'

'Someone else's hypercar. No pressure!'

'The only thing that would cause us to go over the edge now is me getting a bit overzealous with my right shoe.'


'I love this car. It's got all the weapons-grade engineering underneath, and yet it's still outrageous enough, still just vulgar enough to be the perfect playboy's wheels out here on the Riviera.'

From Tribe Leader

I quite enjoyed the way Richard looked in the Zonda, the way he talked about it, and the way he steered it. I always have and always will respect the perfect balance between cheerfulness and seriousness he shows everytime he drives in his favourite cars. Thank you so much for sharing the amazing Zonda moments with us, Richard!

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