Top Gear 08-04: BMW Z4M

Richard tested the BMW Z4M to see if it could be the top contender against the Porsche Boxster S, which had even beaten the Mercedes SLK 50 on the test track.

ENGINE: 3.2L straight six

POWER: 338 bhp (63 more than the Boxster S)

0 to 60: 5 seconds

PRICE: £43,000 (£4000 more than the Boxster S)

"It's a mad man. Whereas the Boxster flatters your ego, this thrills you in the most primeval way."

Richard was so surprised at the Z4M's terrible understeer issues around the corners, but he soon learned how to tame it and had a good time driving it on the track.

Richard compared the excitement of the Z4M to a Red Naga Chilli.

And then, this happened.

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