Top Gear awards Bugatti for Speed Record

Recognition for the race to 300MPH

Top Gear awarded Bugatti with the "Physics Lesson of the Year" award, for their 300+ record breaking Bugatti Chiron Super Sport. This gives further recognition to the ground breaking Bugatti in the "race to 300mph" controversy.

Link to original Top Gear article here

Stephan Winkelmann thanked Top Gear for the recognition via Linkedin. Link to oringal post

The Original Record Breaking Coverage

I had stirred up the questioning on this during Monterey car week two years ago with my interview with John Hennessey. I asked if he had a gentleman's bet with Winkelmann to reach 300mph. Then this year at the Concorso d'Eleganza Villa Erba in Lake Como, Italy, I asked Stephan Winkelmann the same question. This may or may not have been a call to action as only a few months later, Bugatti broke the record! See video coverage of both interviews here: Our coverage of the original report

The Controversy

The controversy came after the announcement when reporters starting questioning the other players. They wanted to know why they had failed. Hennessey replied, that they hadn't. He had learned a hard lesson in the past with regards to breaking records with the Venom GT. He then explained the rules to the record breaking contest, such as: speed had to be measured in both directions and multiple cars had to be sold for it to be considered a record breaking production car. See original coverage here: Link to the record breaking controversy article

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Congrats to Stephan Winkelmann and the hard working crew at Bugatti for their Top Gear award!

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