Top Gear Botswana Special's Lancia Beta has been found

The Lancia is still in Botswana

2w ago

The Top Gear Botswana Special is famous for Richard Hammond and his Opel Kadett - which was named 'Oliver' later. In the midst of the Hammond-Oliver love story, people have forgotten about what happened to the cars driven by Jeremy and James.

In the special, May drove a Mercedes-Benz 230E and Clarkson chose a Lancia Beta for the challenge. Avid Top Gear fans will remember that Jeremy removed many parts of the Lancia (including the doors) to make the car light. Now, Clarkson's Lancia Beta has been found.

Youtuber Ryan Ball has found the Lancia lying in Botswana without any wheels. Before leaving the car in Botswana, the TG team did put the doors back on the Beta. The number plate of the car confirms that this is the Lancia Beta driven by Jeremy Clarkson.

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Comments (61)

  • Honk in the chat if you want to see this back on the road

      14 days ago
  • I think somebody should go to Botswana and buy it and then restore it.

    Would love to see it back on the road again.

      14 days ago
  • , put the potatoes aside, go buy back the poor Lancia...

      14 days ago
  • OK, I am keen. Live in Cape Town, looking for a project car... I rate if it's THE beta, I'll do it.

      14 days ago
  • I'm not to far away, I'll go rescue it

      14 days ago
    • Yes do it

        13 days ago
    • Ben,

      Also very keen. Looking for a resto project. We can't cross borders atm though so will try get up there after lockdown.

        12 days ago