Top Gear have confirmed that they fixed Tesla Vs Taycan results


1y ago

Just a few days after the internet blew up over Top Gear possibly lying about the drag results between the Tesla 'Raven' and the all new Porsche Taycan, they've now confirmed that they did indeed use drag times from two years ago from the older, less powerful model. The figures used were put down by the P100D, not the Raven which has a higher output and updated tech, allowing it to appear that the Taycan is faster.

So why did they do it? Well they claim that the older car actually laid down a faster time than the Raven so they used old data to try and make Tesla look more capable - sounds like utter BS to me. Real life owners have continuously put down faster times on both the track and the street so I'm not sure what Top Gear's angle is. Either way, it now puts into dispute how accurate the Taycan numbers actually are and whether or not this was just an excuse to stick it to Tesla.

It's no secret that Top Gear have been on the decline since Jeremy, Richard and James left, but now they've shown their true colours by rigging tests and giving false results, shredding whatever status they had left.

A video by DragTimes gives some extra information on the matter.

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Comments (4)

  • If Top Gear used inaccurate numbers for a segment, then that segment should be removed.

      1 year ago
  • TG needs to go it's like that girlfriend that just can't take the hint it's over. They shouldn't have kept going after the three amegos left people only watch for the same reason we look at a car wreck just to see how bad it gets TG RIP

      1 year ago
  • Naughty boys.

      1 year ago