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Top Gear Magazine asks an question : will the restomod save the classic car ?

And the example of the converted Bentley Continental Flying Spur is very well found.

With the advent of the electric car, many vintage car enthusiasts are asking the question : will the classic car disappear ?

Well, Top Gear Magazine has looked at one of the solutions (even the main one according to many experts): the restomod. And the magazine launches the debate: will the restomod save classic cars?

Your turn to judge.

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  • If you are converting “classic cars” to being BEVs they are no longer classic cars. Synthetic fuels are the way to keep classic cars on the road. Not diminishing them by ripping their hearts out. A pox on these BEV conversions.

      1 month ago
    • Exactly, synthetics are improving at a much faster rate than EVs as well. As the prices have cut in half in just a few months. At this rate synthetics will be as cheap as gasoline within a couple of years.

        1 month ago
    • Mmmm...I’m not that optimistic about the price of synthetic fuels because with the rapid adoption of BEVs for mainstream cars, the number of ICEVs globally will tip and then plummet. The smaller the market, the higher the prices. I don’t...

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        1 month ago
  • NO

      1 month ago
  • It depends on what car

    I don't care if its a rolls royce or a mini

    But I might be a bit mad if it's an E type

      1 month ago