Top Gear Quiz on Pretty Much Everything You May Have Missed

All of the questions in this quiz use information from Top Gear seasons 18-22, SO DON'T SAY THAT IT'S IMPOSSIBLE OR THAT I MADE IT ALL UP!

According to Jeremy, what was one of the problems of Saab's marketing?

  • It was too graphic because they kept killing moose in their ads.
  • It didn't make much sense as the ads were too focused on showing jet fighters
  • There was no marketing

Why did Jeremy say that the image of a Renault Captur was "pornography"?

  • It was orange
  • The car looked like a penis
  • The car looked like James May

What did James propose to do about the Nurburgring?

  • BOMB IT!
  • BOMB IT!
  • BOMB IT!

What does Nigel Farage drive?

  • An immigrant
  • A bus full of fascists
  • The Beetle

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