Top Gear Quiz: What happens after these screenshots?

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Jeremy wants to show the acceleration of Ariel Atom and...

  • The car breaks down
  • Jeremy's face breaks down
  • Car hits a water puddle and spins out

In the Bolivian jungle Jeremy shares his deepest fear, and it is...

  • Manual labor
  • Drowning
  • Giant insects

Richard and James are launching the Reliant Rocket...

  • It doesn't take off and explodes at the launch pad
  • It doesn't separate from the boosters, and dives back into the ground
  • James radio controls the Reliant and crashes it into the hill

Jeremy drives a Fiat Panda Limo around the London city center and...

  • The car splits in half and arrives as such to the Grammy Awards
  • The engine overheats and the car dies
  • It crashes into a bus, causing a giant traffic jam

James finds the 'true' source of river Nile and...

  • Dips his finger in it
  • Slips and falls into the mud
  • Jeremy crashes his car into the boulder

Ford Fiesta is chased by the baddie in a Corvette through the shopping mall and...

  • Corvette crashes into a 'Birthdays' store
  • Corvette crashes into Jeremy's Fiesta
  • Jeremy crashes into a lingerie store

Toyota Hilux is tested for toughness

  • Jeremy shoots it with a 50cal machine gun
  • Car is placed on top of a crashing building
  • Car is entered in the Demolition Derby

BBC Yorkshire is reporting about green areas in Sheffield

  • Jeremy rolls the Reliant Robin in the background
  • Boys drive radio controlled cars on the windows
  • Jeremy drives Peel P50 through the news set

James gets a hold of a shotgun and...

  • Points it at Jeremy
  • Looks down the barrel
  • Says: Let's go bear hunting

Jeremy drives P45 through a library

  • Crashes into a book shelf and knocks it over
  • Switches to silent electric mode
  • Annoys everyone with the noise and fumes

The Stig drives Koenigsegg CCX around the track and...

  • Sets the new lap record
  • Crashes it into a tire wall
  • The engine catches fire

Boys stop for fuel in Alabama and...

  • Are made fun of their accent
  • Are chased away by a the locals throwing rocks
  • Don't have money for fuel so they do some chores

Richard is rope-pulling stuck Jeremy in the desert

  • James gets knocked unconscious
  • Jeremy Crashes into the James' car
  • Rope snaps and Richard and James leave Jeremy behind

Jeremy sabotages James' Teenager Golf

  • by putting Dub Step in his stereo at max volume and gluing all the controls
  • Links his horn to the brake lights. It beeps every time James is slowing down
  • Ruins his air conditioning

Jeremy goes to get some food

  • Brings a roadkill cow on top of his car
  • Buys only alcohol
  • Has lunch in the restaurant while others are waiting and starving

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