Top Gear Trivia Quiz: Part 4

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    Which rock star let Clarkson borrow his Ferrari Enzo in return for a "subtle" plug for his book?

    • Jay Kay
    • Nick Mason
    • Eric Clapton

    Clarkson raced an Audi RS4 against two free climbers around which large natural feature?

    • The Cheadder Gorge
    • The Grand Canyon
    • The Verdon Gorge

    Which American driver rolled a Reilant Robin on the Top Gear test track?

    • Scott Speed
    • Dale Earnhardt Jnr
    • Ken Block

    In the cheap Italian supercars challenge, the boys were told to drive from Bristol to a gentlemen's club in which town?

    • Reading
    • Slough
    • Billericay

    In Clarkson's track test of the Ferrari 458, he compared it to a Ferrari 430 owned by who?

    • Jay Kay
    • Nick Mason
    • James May

    Which comedian's Reasonably Priced Car lap time was confusingly listed as being by "Angelina Jolie"?

    • Jimmy Carr
    • Bill Bailey
    • Steve Coogan

    In the Bugatti Veyron vs light aircraft race, the finish line was a restaurant in which London landmark?

    • The Natwest Tower
    • Tower Bridge
    • The BT Tower

    What is the name of the Romanian mountain pass the presenters declared to be the best driving road in the world?

    • The Grossglockner
    • The Transfagarasan
    • The Milau

    The Top Gear Winter Olympics Special largely took place in which Norwegian town?

    • Trondheim
    • Lillehammer
    • Hemsedal

    During the presenters' Romanian road trip, Clarkson gave May an example of which low budget car?

    • Dacia Sandero
    • CityRover
    • Fiat Panda

    What was the original name of the presenter's Hammerhead-i Eagle Thrust electric car?

    • Dave
    • Geoff
    • Alan

    In series 6, Clarkson smartened up an old Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow and then drove it into what?

    • A wall
    • A mineshaft
    • A swimming pool

    During the Winter Olympics Special, Hammond and May played ice hockey using teams made up of which small car?

    • Toyota Yaris
    • Suzuki Swift
    • Ford Fiesta

    Clarkson claimed the design for the Hammerhead-i Eagle Thrust electric car inspired by which suave British actor?

    • Peter Bowles
    • Nigel Havers
    • Leslie Phillips

    During his thorough test of the Ford Fiesta, Jezza was pursued through a shopping centre by a baddie in what sort of car

    • Vauxhall VXR8
    • Dodge Charger
    • Corvette

    What was the exact model of Aston Martin that May took on the presenters' first search for Europe's best driving road?

    • V8 Vantage N24
    • V12 Vantage 500
    • Virage X

    For his first test of the Koenigsegg on Top Gear, Clarkson wore a T-shirt with whom on the front?

    • Benny from ABBA
    • Che Guevara
    • Carlos the Jackal

    In the motorhome challenge, what was the forfeit vehicle seen in the back of some shots but never acknowledged?

    • A Bedford Rascal
    • A VW campervan
    • A Leyland Sherpa

    What make and model of car did Clarkson buy at auction for the majorcan classic time trial challenge?

    • MG Midget
    • Triumph Spitfire
    • Austi-Healey Sprite

    During his test of the Range Rover Evoque, May believed he was chauffeuring which legendary female singer?

    • Madonna
    • Cher
    • Tina Turner

    In the Vietnam Special, Clarkson and May had Hammond's bike repainted in what colour?

    • Lilac
    • Beige
    • Pink

    What is the name of the 24-hour race that the presenters took part in using an old BMW?

    • Britcar
    • Supersports
    • Super Cup

    Clarkson's Fiat Panda streached limo was so long that whilst building it he was forced to add what?

    • A second rear axle
    • A tachograph
    • a rear wheel steering system

    During the Vietnam Special, what did May use instead of a crash helmet?

    • A saucepan
    • A bucket
    • A colander

    The Reliant Robin Space Shuttle crashed, thanks to the failure of which part?

    • A rocket booster
    • A control servo
    • An explosive bolt

    Which machine won Richard Hammond's airport vehicle race?

    • The fire engine
    • The catering lorry
    • The mobile stairs

    In series six, May tried to recreate the Top Gear theme tune useing what?

    • Robots
    • Engine noises
    • Car horns

    In the £5,000 sports saloons challenge, May tired to claim his Mercedes had been endorsed by which former F1 star?

    • Damon Hill
    • Martin Brundle
    • Nigel Mansell

    When the presenters went on a disastrous caravan holiday, they used a tow car made by which Korean manufacturer?

    • Kia
    • Hyundai
    • Ssangyong

    In the white van man challenge, the presenters were roadies for which band?

    • The Rolling Stones
    • Jamiroqai
    • The Who

    During the motorhomes challenge, the presenters were forced to attempt which unlikely pastime?

    • Morris dancing
    • Rock climbing
    • Surfing

    What does Clarkson call the Porsche Cayman?

    • The Sqautting Dog
    • The Coxster
    • The Lame-man

    Which of these Yorkshire celebrities did NOT put Clarkson's toppling Relient Robin back on its wheels?

    • Michael Parkinson
    • Peter Stringfellow
    • Phil Oakey

    The presenters set up a disadtrous carbased art exhibtion in which North Eastern town?

    • Hartlepool
    • Darlington
    • Middlesbrough

    When Clarkson was proved wrong about the appearance of a new Vauxhall Astra, he was forced to eat what?

    • Its gear lever
    • His own hair
    • His own shoe

    What colour was Hammond's rallycross Citroen Saxo?

    • Blue
    • Red
    • White

    When the presenters set out to grow their own fuel, what did they end up with?

    • Kerosene
    • Diesel
    • Petrol

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