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Ever since the famed trio left Top Gear back in 2015, there has been much chat and opinions galore about whether the show has hit the same success with the new presenters. It's fair to say it probably hasn't, but that also isn't to say it's now a bad show. Yes it's all very subjective, but I want to look at the show and what it could've maybe done differently and what it could do in the future.

I'd then like to invite you to the comments to give your opinion on what you think it needs and what you like about it already.

Now, for me the old show had an air of presence about it that meant I really looked forward to it and made sure I didn't miss the show on Sunday evening. Whether that presence was a leather clad Clarkson, the imaginary whiff of 1950s you'd get off of May or just the excitable Hammond. I think it was just the fact they are so different and it somehow worked.

We all knew it was scripted but they blended so well that you could almost imagine it all happened in one take off the cuff. Also at the time the ideas were fresh out of the box and no one had used cars in such a way. Then there was the way Clarkson was able to effortlessly review a car, the Aston Martin V12 Vantage is still my favourite review of his. The show was showing signs of wear toward the end of the later series however.

Credit: Sunday Times driving

Credit: Sunday Times driving

Next up, we had the flash in the pan Chris Evans era, where we blinked and then suddenly he was gone from the show. It was never going to be easy for him with it being the first season since CHM, but you have to commend him for giving it a go and facing it head on.

The problem with that era is the show tried to pull you into too many directions, there were so many presenters it was really hard to keep up with proceedings. The Evans/Leblanc pairing didn't work and things felt incredibly forced. Evans was a bit too shouty and everything he did just seemed a bit over the top and exaggerated. I also don't know why he opted for that yellow shirt that mad him look like a Simpson member most of the series.

The star in a rally-cross car was something I actually did like to be honest, as it was different and refreshing. But yes, all in all you could tell it was a series where the BBC were trying to find their feet and work out the best formula.

The Presenters for Chris Evans season

The Presenters for Chris Evans season

Once that series had passed, we were then treated to a familiar format of three again. This involved Matt Leblanc, Rory Reid and Chris Harris. I'll be honest, I really did enjoy that series. Yes some of the jokes fell a bit flat, but the content was very good and things felt calm and collected. The piece Rory did on the Japanese car culture was very informative and insightful, I think it's a real shame that they've pushed him out for next season.

Chris Harris is excellent at reviewing cars so it was great to have a bit more focus on him, he even has his own BBC web series reviewing cars he's that good.

They still had Top gear tomfoolery like when Matt and Chris tried to find big foot with all manner of things, but at that point it felt like they were being Matt and Chris rather than trying to copy the old trio and I think that worked quite well.

Moving to the current series, I did watch the episode just gone on Sunday and I had mixed feelings on it. The segment where Chris and Matt were loading wood into their car and then Chris's tree falling out the back is the sort of thing that you could imagine Clarkson and Hammond doing.

But it just feels slightly tired now, they don't need to be trying to copy them to make a good show as they are great individuals in their own right. It then felt a little bit fifth gear like when Rory and Sabine were climbing the hill with their mini 4x4s. It's early days and I'm sure they can turn it around, but if that happens and they get in a groove like last season that will be taken away next series due to Matt wanting to leave and Rory being told he won't be on the main show.

Top Gear needs an identity, a new format. It's something that will take time, and will Flintoff, Mcguiness and Harris be the ones to do it?

What do you want to see from Top Gear, you may already like it the way it is or may have ideas for how it can be improved. Do you think they should of just let Top Gear go for a few years and waited for some more talent to come through and reboot it?

Either way I'm for one happy we still have a decent car show on television!

Let me know your thoughts and opinions in the comments!

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