- A lucky escape for the presenters! - Image from BBC

Top Gear's Chris Harris and Eddie Jordan Escape Car Fire in Monaco!

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Accident prone presenter, Richard Hammond is normally the person involved when it comes to incidents involving car shows. The presenter most recently, was infamously involved in an accident whilst driving a Rimac Concept One during filming for the Grand Tour. This time, it's Top Gear's turn.

Harris was driving, with Jordan in the passenger seat - Image from BBC

Presenters Chris Harris and Eddie Jordan were unfortunately involved in an incident whilst driving the new Alpine A110 at Monte Carlo's SS17 stage. Harris was driving, with Jordan in the passenger seat and thankfully they both escaped unharmed. The pair were sensibly wearing fireproof overalls and gloves and did not suffer any smoke inhalation.

The car was engulfed in flames in under four minutes - Image from BBC

It is unclear what caused the sports car to catch fire and the incident is now being investigated by the manufacturer. The car reportedly cut out, with warning lights appearing on the dashboard, and the pair got out of the car just as flames began appearing under the vehicle. The entire car was engulfed in flames in under four minutes.

Source: bit.ly/2GIlD2m

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  • I’m glad Chris is alright. He’s by far the best auto reviewer right now.

    1 year ago
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    • I can agree with the first five words of your comment the last nine words being humourous

      1 year ago
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    • LOL no he isnt. any body who calls RWD cars crap isnt a good car reviewer. he only likes FWD sports cars and supercars. remember what hammond said?

      RWD is the best because you dont see...

      Read more
      1 year ago
      7 Bumps
  • harris you idiot dosen't sound right...........

    1 year ago
    9 Bumps


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