Top Gear's farewell to N/A

2y ago


Below is a link to Ollie Kew's great article, bidding farewell to what may be the last N/A hot-hatch...

It's not yet set in stone, but the 2016 Suzuki Swift Sport is looking to be the last naturally aspirated hot-hatch that will ever be produced. I'm still trying to gather what little information is out there about the next-gen Swift Sport, but all signs (by which I mean media speculation) point to it getting the 1.4 tubro-charged petrol motor currently available in the Vitara S.

More info as it's available...

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Comments (2)
  • I'm defs going to keep mine for as long as I can and keep it N/A

    2 years ago
  • A dream car for me. Some day I will have to buy a second hand one of these I guess.

    2 years ago


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