Top Marques Mosler MT900S: The worst model I've ever reviewed

It takes a lot for a model to be this bad. Thanks, Top Marques

6w ago

I was just about there. Almost completely comfortable with resin. And almost completely comfortable with sealed cars. Yes, yes, I know what you are thinking: I got another sealed car, this being the third of his past four reviews. You are correct. The more I reviewed them, the more tempting they became; at the same time, I found myself also increasingly interested in Mosler. For those of you that aren’t familiar with Mosler, you could call them a spinoff from American automaker Consulier, famous for making the GTP sports car. Long story short, early Moslers were slightly redone Consuliers, with later ones -- made from the early to late 2000’s -- being original, track focused cars. And I love them, especially the MT900. So, of course, I set out to find one.

Smoothly-designed track cars are one of my favorite types of cars with the MT900 being no exception. It is, in my opinion, one of the best looking cars of all time. It took quite a while to find one in 1:18 scale for under $200, but thankfully Five Diecast had this 1:18 MT900S by Top Marques in the bargain bin, listed at $110 off. Odd, I thought, because I knew that Top Marques models are supposed to be high end and expensive. Shipping was free and tax was included for a grand total of $135; I’ve never seen a Top Marques model priced so low. Despite my initial hesitation, I jumped on it. I can’t tell you how disappointed I am with this model. Let’s find out why.

First impressions

For all the reasons above, I was more eager to open this model than most of my recent purchases. The disappointment began with the unboxing and went steadily downhill from there. As I lifted the box out of the packing material, I noticed it read “1:12” - a fine start as the Mosler is a 1:18 model. I like good packaging and this wasn’t a good start.

But wait, it gets worse. After opening the box and removing my “1:12” Mosler, I saw damage. Its rear passenger-side wheel was nearly detached - I actually don’t know what it was hanging on to - and the same could be said for both rear brake disc and calipers. The front splitter was also detached on one side. Are you kidding me? This model carries a $250 price tag. It should be perfect, right? Right?!

It wasn’t. And I wasn’t happy.

So, I contacted Five Diecast and asked for what I should have received in the first place - a new Mosler without parts falling off of it and in the right packaging. Much to my surprise, I was told that if I wanted what I should’ve got, I would have to wait three weeks. I was also told that if I wanted a replacement Mosler model now, they could ship me one but one with slight damage to the passenger side skirt.

To summarize, Five Diecast shipped me a model that retailed for $250 with obvious damage and incorrect packaging and was now telling me either wait nearly a month for a replacement or accept another damaged car. Wonderful customer service. I probably should have waited the three weeks but since I have a schedule for my reviews and was falling behind, I opted to take the second damaged car.

When it arrived, I told myself to adjust expectations but, of course, I couldn’t and rapidly became more disappointed than I had anticipated. I immediately saw the sagging passenger side skirt but the flaws in this model went far beyond just that. Even if this model retailed for the $135 I paid, it would still be questionable for all the reasons I will outline below. For the $250 retail price it’s underwhelming in almost every way, a surprising statement for a model that came from what’s supposed to be a well known 1:18 brand. The paint is inconsistent around the (non-perforated) side vents and had massive amounts of orange peel on the also non-perforated hood vents.

The windshield is flimsy and distorts upon the slightest amount of pressure. It could have been worse, I guess. At least the wheels weren’t broken this time around!

Exterior styling

Before I drop more and larger figurative bombs on this model, I will say that the exterior, in the big picture, isn’t totally abysmal. It’s not the best, but generally it’s not bad. Again, we are talking about a $250 model here so that is weak praise. Sure some of these are the tiny things that I pay attention to but the issues still heavily disappoint me.

Let’s get to it, starting with the front of the car as usual. The carbon fiber splitter looks very authentic and realistic.

Those are words I can’t say the same for most of the carbon on this MT900S. Individual bulbs on the headlights are detailed very nicely, one of the better recreations I’ve seen recently. The-thankfully-intact wheels are coated in wonderful carbon fiber. However, the nuts and center cap on the wheel are a single decal. Yes, one single decal; they didn’t bother molding it onto the wheels. Even $20 Maisto models provide the extra step of including that as a mold with the rest of the wheel. Pitiful, Top Marques, really.

Some positives: The side and rear Mosler and MT900S badges look great and the rear of the model is the best part of this disappointing car. The tail lights and carbon surrounding it don’t look half bad, and neither do the side markers. A rough start for this Mosler MT900S admittedly. Let’s see if the interior is any better.

Inside the cabin

Just like on the exterior, there’s a lot of poorly recreated carbon fiber inside the cabin. The weave looks distorted in some curved areas, such as the dash, and each individual weave is spaced too far apart. Some collectors may choose to overlook these issues, but are very annoying to me.

In contrast, there are a handful of smaller details Top Marques did well. For starters, the A/C vents are proportionate and detailed to a reasonable degree, still covered in the almost pinstripe-like carbon fiber. The center console and shifter are painted very well, a step up from the rest of the cabin.

The tight racing seats are one of the few things that meet the quality expectation for the $250+ MSRP as they are molded and shaped perfectly.

Devil's in the details

(Note: this only includes things not explicitly mentioned above. There were so many faults with this model that I had to shorten this list to only things I haven’t pointed out previously in this review.) There are a large amount of small things that Top Marques could have focused on to make this MT900S much better than it is.

Vents: For the $250 retail price, the vents HAVE to be perforated. There is next to no perforation all around this model. Even AUTOart, a brand whose quality is diminishing, provide perforated vents on their sub-$150 models. Disappointing for sure, Top Marques.

No perforation around the exhaust

No perforation around the exhaust

Wheels (in general): There are a few more wheel issues to comment on, the most notable is the fitment and how the wheels rotate. The offset is a little bit inwards in relation to the rear fenders on the rear wheels making the car look like a $20 1:24. To add insult to injury, they wobble slightly when they roll, and creak as they do so. Once again...this what you get on a $250 MSRP model?

Paint: There is a LOT of orange peel found in most places, mainly on the doors, pillars, and nose. The consistency of the paint is also questionable. The paint is super thin around the side vents and a little thick around the engine cover. Why, Top Marques? Why?

Wing mounts: There are large splotches of glue on and around the wing mounts; how this passed quality control I don’t know. It’s something that catches my eye every time I look at it. A huge blow for something that could have easily been avoided. To make matters worse, the wing isn’t mounted straight; it is at an angle which is very visible when looking at the car from above.

Notice how the wing is straight but the car is crooked

Notice how the wing is straight but the car is crooked

Wing carbon fiber: The carbon fiber weave on the wing is literally fading away. This shows through the patches of black plastic found where the weave should be. Look close enough and you can see where it got rubbed off. How does this even happen?!

Carbon fiber (in general): I have already brought up the carbon fiber but thought I should sum up. In most places the weaves are spaced disproportionately far away from one another. It looks less like carbon fiber and more like a stripe pattern.

Rear window: ...or lack thereof. Really, there’s no rear window. You’d think there’s a window under all those louvres but I stuck a small piece of paper through to test and it went right in between each louvre. This is one of the most bizarre cost cutting measures I’ve ever seen, especially on a high priced model which clearly has cut many other corners.

In the big picture

Yikes, Top Marques. I’m embarrassed for you. You’d imagine that for the price that exceeds a top tier AUTOart Signature model with opening parts, the model should impress anybody, including me. It did quite the opposite. Despite its few highlights (the details found on the rear bumper and racing seats), almost every other aspect of this MT900S had some form of problem. And...I’m a Mosler fan! I simply cannot recommend this model. It doesn’t impress at all.

1:18 Mosler MT900S by Top Marques

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Comments (29)

  • One of the best reviews I’ve read in a while. Very informative and very well written. A lot of detailed information provided that a novice like myself is very appreciative about. If anyone thinks about getting into collecting 1/18 die cast, then this is the person to follow (Zakk Grier has an epic 1/64 collection, great to follow him for those). Keep up the good work, it’s well worth the read

      1 month ago
  • Wow. That's bad. Sounds like a good time to get into customizing tho.

      1 month ago
  • This was my second model from TopMarques and it was also my last. Same experience as yours: my car’s brake rotors were detached, yet the wheels were still on. How does that even happen?! For manufacturer that asks for such a high price, they better back it up. It’s a shame too because they make great cars, like the Noble M600 and Alfa Carobo

      1 month ago
  • I rarely read articles on models but this one attracted my attention. I never realized models were so expensive, and then to think that the manufacturers will knowingly ship you bad quality.

    This is a very risky hobby. Proceed with caution.

      1 month ago
  • I've really wanted to get some of the Top Marques models (ken block hoonicorn and the Lancia stratos zero) because no one else makes these. Between your review and Scott saying he found globs of hot glue in places im just going to have to wait.

    Don't let these guys ruin Resin for you ;) You should find something by Spark to make you realize the potential.

      1 month ago