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  • Hi Tom, not sure what you mean with heartbeat, public statement and transparency, we have shown the Preliator in Geneva, New York, at Pebble Beach and just last month in Los Angeles. In the mean time, focus is on the engineering side of things since we will switch powertrains going forward (we have not disclosed any details other then 600+ hp). A lot has changed since its predecessor, the Aileron, was first introduced so plenty of work still to be done. We are currently also building the last Ailerons in the UK.

    2 years ago
  • Sander, I was wondering.. Does Spyker still have a heartbeat? I remember the Venator-bond as one of the last sings of life, followed by the Preliator and Volta Volaré partnership. Might not be the best place to make a public statement, but, you know, transparency and all! I really like the brand and want to see it succeed.

    2 years ago


Do you think you're as good as the trio?