- 324kmph top speed gps verified!

TOP SPEED Over 200MPH in My McLaren 675LT!

Many things were taken into consideration while attempting this successful top speed run!

4y ago

We have Vmax! I took my McLaren 675LT Spider out for an early morning blast on the Autobahn to experience the top speed it can reach. With empty roads and the McLaren prepared for the occasion, it managed to reach a GPS recorded 324km/h, or 201.3mph. Wow, what an adrenaline rush.

The McLaren 675LT Spider suffers a slightly reduced top speed versus the 675LT Coupe due to additional weight for the roof mechanism, and sitting slightly taller so the claimed figures are 326km/h or 203mph (versus 330km/h or 205mph for the fixed roof). Also as the 675LT is the track focused version of the car and therefore has more downforce than the regular 650S, there is extra drag at top speed that also reduces the maximum you can reach.

Conditions all lined up for the occasion; a brisk morning with clear views as the sun rises, a car that went for preparation and checking at the dealership beforehand, brand new tyres that are over inflated for the purpose, and using a Sunday when trucks are banned from the roads too.

The fascinating feeling of that speed is how composed the car is, with the downforce at work the car feels glued to the tarmac and incredibly controlled. Combine that with wonderful roads and intelligent drivers in Germany and it made for an awesome experience.

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