Top Ten Signs You're Not Playing A Casual Game

(Most if not all of these I got from play Forza Horizon 4)

1y ago

The term "Casual Gamer" seems to tossed around a lot. What are casual games? Well, to me the ultimate casual game is one that appeals to the non-gamer. Minecraft is a good example. Games that don't require much skill and instead are there for you to have fun. But some games just pretend to be casual. So, how do you know if the game you're playing isn't casual? Well, here's some signs:

10. Battle Royale Mode - There's no such thing as a casual BR mode.

9. Difficulty Shaming - Casual gamers don't like to challenge themselves. Why work harder. So, any game that makes fun of you for playing on easy or pops up every so often saying that the game appears to be too easy for you and you should try a higher difficulty.

8. PvP mode - There are casual PvP games. But, not usually in generally single player games.

7: Ranked - As soon as you see that anywhere in the game, you know it's not casual because ranked stuff usually requires a level of skill that most casual players don't possess.

6. Exclusive Rewards - A casual gamer isn't going to play every day or every week. So, any exclusive that's tied to a timed event is rewarding the non-casual gamers.

5. Online Only Features - Some games require you to be online all the time. A true casual game won't require that.It might be an option, but not a requirement. (Sometimes the things that are online only are weird.)

4. Two Forms of Currency - The online, microtransaction bought version and the normal currency. The special currency is used to buy exclusive items or loot crates. And the normal currency can be used to by normal stuff. A true casual gamer probably isn't going to bother with the "bought with real money" money.

3. Weekly Reset - Some games like Destiny 2, Forza Horizon 4 and The Crew 2 have a set of challenges that change every week. This ties in with my exclusive rewards thing, but these don't always have to have exclusive rewards tied to them. But they're there to get the more devoted players to log back in at least once a week to complete those challenges.

2. .Leaderboards - Yup. I'm calling it. If you're game has a leaderboard anywhere, it's not a causal game. I always feel like this is a formed of Ranked gameplay and, as I said before, Ranked = not casual.

1. .01% Achievements/Trophies. By the pure and utter nature of these, they cannot be casual. Because...only .01% of players will get them. These include everything from the infamous "stay in the top of the leaderboard for a week" achievement in Project Gotham Games, to Grid's spend "500 hours driving in our game" achievement. Non-racing games have them, too, but those are the prime examples I can think of.

There's my list. Anything I miss? And...oh, look, all of those are in Forza Horizon 4...and The Crew 2...well, most of those are in The Crew 2. It, thankfully, doesn't have any .01% trophies. What? I know Forza Horizon 4 doesn't have any microtransactions, but it DOES have two forms of currency with the special currency gained by completing challenges. Which...isn't too bad, but if you wanna afford anything in the special store, a casual gamer would have to play a lot. OR, decide to not be a casual gamer for a bit.

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  • pretty sure GT Sport has nearly all of them too

      1 year ago