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Top U.S. carrier files for Chapter 11

Executives arrested, drivers stranded & freight undelivered: Celadon goes bankrupt

1y ago

Indianapolis, Indiana:

Last Friday, about 2,500 truck drivers, working for Celadon Group, LLC, got a call from their dispatchers informing some to deliver their current load and then park the companies equipment at local yards or at truck stops. The company had declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy and the 2,500 drivers, along with 1,300 other employees were out of a job.

The announcement came shortly after the companies CEO and CFO were arrested by the Department of Justice on charges of security and accounting fraud. This is the latest scandal to rock the Indianapolis, Indiana based trucking company. Earlier in the year the company was found guilty of other accounting errors that resulted in a $33 million fine being leveled against them.

Additional factors contributing to the companies bankruptcy include large debts to Pilot Travel Centers and Goodyear Tire.

The company has offered to get stranded truck drivers home via bus, but are not offering any means to get their belongings home. It is never a good time of the year to find yourself laid off, but this is a particularly bad time of year.

Celadon reportedly operated 3,300 trucks, employed 3,800 workers of which 2,500 were drivers. The company hauled loads for Lowes Stores, Phillip Morris, Wal-Mart, Honda and Procter & Gamble. Celadon was one company in a $200 billion transportation market. The industry shouldn't suffer any problems with the absence, but this will be a hard hit for many families this holiday season.

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Comments (5)

  • I drive for a good company that takes care of business. I appreciate that.

      1 year ago
    • They’re a bunch of scum bags!

        1 year ago
    • Guaranteed the execs were just trying to pull some money out of the company before the shit hit the fan

        1 year ago
  • Very sorry for the employees and their families. The drivers shouldn’t be out of work for long. As I understand it, there’s a driver shortage. The rest of the folks might take longer. May God Bless them.

      1 year ago