Top wierd car names I have ever seen

-'What did you buy?' - 'A COFFEE, darling'

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Car names can mean different things in different countries. The major car manufacturers have gone to great lengths in naming their new cars. Whoever has a bigger brain will be able to leave a deeper impression in everyone's hearts.


“Could the owner of the Volkswagen Thing parked in the staff carpark please make yourself known to the front counter, you’re about to be towed”… The person responsible for naming this VW must have been having a bad day and skipped their morning coffee as this name is probably as uninspiring as they come. In their defence, there was a World War going on at the time, we would have probably been a little preoccupied too.

2. Nissan Friend-Me

At the 2013 Frankfurt motor show, Nissan added a new entry to the big book of bizarre car names: the Friend-Me. With its social network-inspired interior and specification, the concept vehicle previewed Nissan’s vision of the future. It looked OK but the name reeked of desperation in the age of generation Facebook.

3. Daihatsu Naked

The name of a car, or the dress code for its driver?


The Mitsubishi MAUS, apparently an acronym for the Mini Active Urban Sandal. Our hunch is that someone misspelt “Mouse” on the paperwork and the product team had to think on the spot, looked down and said “sandal!”. Thankfully the Mini Active Urban Sandal is incredibly adorable, so can almost be forgiven for it’s incredibly ridiculous name.

5. Vauxhall Adam

Named after the founder of German car maker Opel, of which Vauxhall is still a subsidiary, the Adam is marked out for its many customisation options, making it “as individual as you are”. Sadly, with a name like that, regardless of your chosen colour combinations people will always think of its owners as a bit beige.


It was launched at IAA Mobility in Munich in 2021. It is said that it is technically deeply related to WEY's "coffee intelligence", and all WEY models in the Chinese market are named after coffee. After its debut in Europe this year, they also hope to get inspiration for the naming from the public.

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