- Photo: Rémi Dargegen for Classic Driver © 2017

Total recall with the Lancia Sibilo – the car that fell to earth

Of all the concept cars designed by Marcello Gandini on behalf of Bertone, the Lancia Sibilo from 1978 is probably the oddest creature...

No one would suspect to see such cultural treasures in an inconspicuous backyard on the industrial outskirts of Milan. And yet the cars that architect and collector Corrado Lopresto has assembled in this most rudimentary of buildings are among the most significant in Italian automotive history. Lopresto is renowned in the classic car world for his eclectic taste and passion for particularly rare machines, and he’s repeatedly rewarded with trophies from concours competitions around the world for it. But one body stands out even among Lopresto’s automotive hall of fame — the incredible Lancia Sibilo.

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