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Having the best of intentions to do a comprehensive 2 bucket wash this Easter weekend, I realised that I had far more appropriate things to do instead. Chief of which was eat and watch every video I could find of the GT3 on YouTube. That being said, the Cayman was dusty and full of bird excrement which had dulled the beautiful gloss of the GT Silver paintwork. This was not acceptable.

This left me in a predicament, as my options were limited. Handing the keys over to the local hand wash station induced anxiety ridden thoughts of a blackened rag dripping with gravel smearing across my pristine paintwork, and my go to detailer was booked up for the next couple weeks. So, I thought it would be a good excuse to test the capabilities of the Gtechniq coating, by doing a completely touchless wash using their Gwash product as a snow foam and doing a simple rinse after with the pressure washer. This buildup was from 2 weeks of daily commuting on country lanes and highway, through both sunshine and heavy rain.

The silver hides the dirt well from a distance and on camera

Upon inspection, the paintwork was not exactly caked in dirt and grime, so not an extreme test of the Gtechniq coating - although there was a decent buildup of dirt around the sideblades, wheel arches and plenty brake dust on the wheels. A stubborn layer of dust had formed over the whole car, and a splattering of bird droppings had been strewn across the car from front to back.

Although Gtechniq have their own snow foam, I decided to use their Gwash product instead as I had it to hand and have used it successfully as a snow foam in the past. Gtechniq used to push the fact that a snow foam was unnecessary, and would point people in the direction of Gwash should they wish to use one. Out the blue, they released a snow foam, perhaps due to demand. The viscosity and hang time is decent, although I am to believe this is not a good indicator of the performance of a snow foam. Having used various brands of snow foam, I personally have found Gwash to be one of the best.

I gave a good single coat to the whole of the car, paying particular attention to the wheels. I let it dwell for around 5 minutes, and begun to rinse from roof downwards. As I wasn't going to be touching the paintwork, I had to spend a fair amount of time spraying the car as to not miss any spots. I was conscious that by missing anywhere, I could leave behind some unsightly sections of dirt. Finally I moved on to the wheels, and made sure to give the fronts in particular a good spraying.

Initial impressions were very good, for the life of me I couldn't spot any sections that were anything other than perfect. My only concerns were the exhaust tips and wheels. Not wanting to risk drying the paintwork with a cloth (potential contaminants left could be dragged across the paint), I thought I would test the hydrophobic properties of the Gtechniq EXO coating by going for a quick brisk drive (15 minutes).

After getting back, I found the paintwork to be almost completely free of any water or contaminants - only the rear window seemed to have water remaining (the only glass which does not having a Gtechniq coating). This ended up drying to leave water marks, although could have easily been wiped dry had I been inclined. The only part of the car to not benefit from a touch free wash was the front wheels, they looked awful. Not surprising really considering what they go through.

All-in-all I was quite surprised at just how well the touchless wash went, and think it would be a great way to keep the paintwork clean between proper maintenance washes. I realise that this wasn't a winter wash, which would have had the paint in far worse condition to start with, however as a spring blitz clean it served it's purpose. I can also testify to the Gtechniq coating, I have tried this numerous times with my previous cars (with same level of dirt) without a coating with very different results. The hydrophobic properties of the EXO coating was also key to preventing any water marks, which would have typically been an issue doing a touch free wash.

Having run this same test recently without the use of snow foam (only pressure washer) on the same/very similar level of dirt, I can confirm that this is not sufficient for attaining an acceptable clean. The stubborn dust, and particularly the built up grime around the wheel arches and sideblades were almost unaffected. Gtechniq is very good, but not a miracle treatment.

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