Touge Monster - Screaming 9.000Rpm Corolla AE86

Remembering Werner Rohr´s highly impressive Euro-Style Hachiroku

This video featuring Werner Rohr´s Toyota Corolla AE86 is a remake of one of our first clips on the Channel. This Levin model (fixed headlights) was one of the greatest dominators of the 1600cc Class of the highly competitive Swiss Hillclimb Championship during a number of years. Using a Naturally Aspirated 4-AGE engine capable of 230Hp/9.000Rpm and delivering that to the Rear Wheels through a 6-Speed Sequential Gearbox, it was also lightened to an impressive 820Kg.

Featuring a bespoke widened bodywork and Aerodynamic appendages, this machine was the product of almost a decade of development by Mr. Rohr on the Swiss Hillclimb Championship which unfortunately was stopped at St. Ursanne-Les Rangiers 2018, where a major crash left this beautiful unit utterly destroyed. Rumour is a new one is being built and possibly with even more impressive specs. Now that will be something to behold...

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