Tour De france porsches

filming with the 1970 & 1976 Tour de france porsches.

4y ago

One day to film two hugely important Porsche 911's. In November. Just reading that can make you shudder - the weather in November will almost certainly be horrible. And cold. And the light... well, if there is ANY sun then it may rise by about 7.15am and be gone around 4pm. So it'll be an early start and then squeeze every drop of light you can. And then you have to work around a photographer (the brilliant Remi Dargegen), a journalist (from Octane) and keep a Porsche driving legend (Gérard Larrousse) entertained for the day. There was a lot of pressure and we certainly weren't in control of the weather. Aargh.

Porsche 911 S/T

Porsche 911 S/T

We needn't have worried. The drive to the East of England the day before was horrible - rain, wind, storms... but when we woke at 5:45am the weather had started to lift and we were promised a day of sunshine by the weather man. And he came through, the clouds blew away just as the sun started to come up. Phew.

Rear of the year.

Rear of the year.

We had dinner the night before with Kevin and Nick from Historika; Gérard Larrousse and photographer Remi. The food in The Unruly Pig was superb (was that chose on purpose as a 'Porker' gag by Historika?), but that was hardly noticed to be honest as we were in the presence of greatness. Mr Larrousse had some fabulous stories at dinner and some of those will come out in the final film that we are now working on.

We will be sure to upload the final film(s) once they are finished. We're excited...

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  • Porsche ST forever! It´s the best car ....

      4 years ago