Touring Car Legend on the Hills - 9.300Rpm Ford Escort Mk1 Zakspeed

This is Andreas Kokor exquisite Ford Escort Mk1 Zakspeed Monster and it is one of the most beautiful and most well built Hillclimb machines in Europe. Starting life as an Escort Mk1 RS2000, the machine you can see here is nowadays the product of years of development and care.

Powered by a Naturally Aspirated Cosworth YB engine unit here capable of 280Hp/9.300Rpm, this RWD Classic benefits from its low weight (under 900Kg) to be properly quick. Adding to that such goodies as a Quaife 69G sequential gearbox and state-of-the-art KW Suspensions and we are left with a machine that receives as final touch the Legendary looks of the Zakspeed Touring Cars of old. From its iconic Castrol livery to the BBS E50 mesh wheels, this is an Hillclimb Race car that stands out as much from its speed as it does from its build quality and attention to detail.

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