Touring Gujarat In A Jeep Compass. Part II - Edge Of The White Desert

1y ago


After a couple of days of acclimatising to Gujarat’s dry state laws in the Jeep Compass and the severe lack of non-vegetarian food that made us reach out for the bed a bit early in the evenings, our body clocks were reset to an early morning wake up call. That was no problem though when you are waking up next to new scenery every day. For this leg, the day started off at the forest department quarters that overlook the Nalsarovar marsh, followed by heading out westward towards the protected region of the Little Rann. After crossing the last town on the outskirts of the 4,950 piece of land precursor to 7,500 Greater Rann. We picked up ISHAAN who had just hopped off his flight from Kaza (Spiti Valley) join us for the rest of our tour. I was imagining the change in his perspective, from 3,800 meters high up in the Himalayas straight down to the arid flat lands of the Kutch.

While our man was still in the air and soon to land at Ahmedabad, I started towards the town of Viramgam where we were to meet and then head further west. While there was still time, I thought of wading through a field to a peculiar patch of land I’d noticed the day before.

Without the Jeep Compass’ four wheel drive, it would have been quite tricky to reach this spot which involved going over soft clay-like soil that was still moist in morning dew.

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