- The Aero 3 based on the Ferrari F12

Touring Superleggera Aero 3

Forget the Chiron, forget the Aventador & forget the LaFerrari...I will take one of these, please.

38w ago

I just love the individuality of boutique car makers such as these. The attention to detail is unsurpassed and Touring Superleggera is no exception. Based on the underpinnings of a Ferrari F12, the gearbox and drivetrain remain the same, so I am not going to waste time going over the details of the engine or power transfer. That information is plentiful out there.

Instead, just look at the lines - it was created to remind us of those drop-dead gorgeous racers of the 1930's up to the 1950's, but it's not just for beauty. The new body panels actually save an astonishing 300+ lbs over the donor car on which it's based.

The heart and soul of the Aero 3, the V12 Ferrari engine is the perfect match for one of Italy's finest coach builders. Touring Superleggera have been known to take powerful engines and re-wrap them in wonderful cloaks, this most recent example falling within the lines of majestic presence.

One of the most interesting and noticeable design features is the shark fin on the rear of the car. It actually has no real function and does not improve aerodynamics, it was simply put there to remind us of how cars used to be designed with the illusion of "moving while standing still". Only 15 will be created and that's it, so if you don't live in Monaco or Bel Air, chances are - you won't see one on the open roads [insert a big heavy sigh right here]. Let's hope that the ladies and gentlemen that do purchase them, also share with the rest of us by allowing them to be seen upon occasion. Here's to hoping they do.

These are not the first limited edition beauties to be created by Touring Superleggera in recent history, either. Check out the Touring Sciadipersia Cabriolet and the Alfa Romeo Disco Volante if you enjoy these rarities as much as I do.

For more information, check out Touring Superleggera's website.

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