Touring the seventh most visited city on earth in an EV

Tesla in Dubai

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Dubai is the world's seventh most visited city in the world. It beats N.Y.C. as well, with almost sixteen million annual visitors. With the World Expo 2020 just around the corner, we expect even more tourists visiting this remarkable city.

But these tourists not only visit Dubai, but they also visit Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates or U.A.E. for short. The most significant spillover happens to the Emirate or city of Ras Al Khaimah. It is touted as the next big adventure destination we have a lot of tourists visiting R.A.K.

I decide to tour the U.A.E. in a Tesla Model S 100d. I got a car from Tesla, which is fully charged, and I immediately set off towards an abandoned diesel fuel station on the U.A.E-Oman highway. Approximately 150 km/93 miles away.

On the way to the shoot location, I realize the A.C. is not working, and the USB ports are not working either. I call up the guys at Tesla. They ask me for V.I.N. No of the car which I can see easily in the giant center screen. They look up the vehicle online and see it has some issues. I am called back.

I drive the car for over 300 km/186 miles nonstop.

Tesla is highly apologetic, and they give me a brand new fresh off the boat Model S P100D. This is their performance version. This car has a little less range but has the performance to put supercars to shame.

This time I had limited time, and I decided to see some of the tourist spots of Dubai in the car.

I tackled highways, traffic, rains some flooded roads and erratic drivers.

Now, most of you know about Tesla. It's performance, flaws, good things, and bad things. I have to say the following about the car.

For such a heavy car, it handles decently.

The tech is seriously impressive.

I still do not trust the autonomous driving or advanced cruise control. It acted up when I used it. So noways engaging that.

The build quality is still iffy, and plastics and other components are nowhere close to its competitors.

The Vegan leather still does not feel as good as the real thing.

The acceleration is phenomenal and unbelievable.

End of the day I had a great time and I can never complain about that.

However, a company called Generation.e based in Dubai decided to take this idea to the next level by organizing the world's greatest electric road trip known as EVRT Dubai. What are they doing? Well, here is their agenda.

- Seven of the latest and most significant global car brands participate in EVRT Dubai…

- A 5-day jam-packed road trip in the U.A.E., discovering the best bits that this beautiful country has to offer

- The World Regeneration Challenge on Jebel Jais has gone pro, compete on the highest mountain in the UAE

- A Guinness World Record will be attempted by blind adventurer Hein Wagner to set the BLIND LAND SPEED RECORD in an Electric Vehicle

- Electric Vehicle drag racing...and much much more!

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