Toyota And Holden Factories To Close, End Of The Line For Autoworkers

3y ago

This what you call showing disrespect for Australian workers and consumers by Ford, GM, Toyota and Nissan, not the economic realities as they like to say. They all was subsidize by goverments for years and with of the support in sales of Australian consumers. The quality of all of the brands that was built here out done many other automotive countries and in reality the ratio of wage to sale price to average wages had been equal to many other countries for years. Mostly the biggest problem was of the executives, many from home country of the companies that made bad desisions on marketing and not export to southern Aisan countries from Australia which would have made them even more viable here to what they were already. It's not like Australia is that far from southern Asia, the shipping cost would be a lot less than from the US, Mexico, Europe or Japan, so the had no really good excuse for pulling out of Australia.

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  • Who wrote this? Was the article outsourced to another country that does not have English as its first language? My pooch could have written a better piece.

      3 years ago
    • What ever you reckon. Maybe you need to learn to rea Aussie, ha ha. So where are your articals? Don't see any.

        3 years ago