Toyota basically patented Halo 3's Active Camo

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You see those things right there in the hero banner? Those big ol' pieces of metal? Those are A-Pillars. They're very distracting, a rather big blind spot for some drivers, and apparently (according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), around 840,000 accidents are caused by blind spots yearly. As A-Pillars are necessary for the vehicle's structural integrity, you can't exactly just remove them. Sure, you can just try to look past them but there are some incidents where the thing that you're about to hit is right there, hiding behind the A-Pillar.

Nissan tried to remove the rear pillars, or at least minimize one of them, with the Nissan Cube.

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But look how hideous it is! Terrible. I would never want to be seen in a car like that. It's embarrassing. You can just tell the smugness that was emanating in the Nissan design facility when they were designing this car. “Hey look at us, we’re from the future.” No you’re not. You just designed an ugly car. Do you know the concept of leading lines in photography, where your eyes naturally want to lead into a specific spot? Nissan didn’t do that. When you look at the front windows you don’t know where you want your eyes go. I think they were trying to be “hip and cool” with the lack of symmetry with the rear window (where our main focus should be), but that doesn’t work on a car at all.

Thankfully, instead of making a hideous car and just attempting to remove the structural pillars (er, well, pillar; singular) like Nissan did, Toyota came up with a few new ideas and started patenting technologies for cars, one of those being this gem:

US Patent and Trademark Office

Boom. Active camouflage. Just like Halo.

...I wish. No, it's just smoke and mirrors, literally speaking on the "mirrors" part. Basically, Toyota is trying to apply mirrors in a specific way to bend visible light around the A-Pillar, effectively making it so you could see through it. I'm no scientist, so that's the gist I got out of the patent, at least. If Toyota manages to pull this off, hopefully we'll see blind spot accidents occurring less.

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