Toyota brought a one and a half Tacoma pickup for SEMA 2020 and it was brilliant

    Tissues might be the only thing you'll bring as extras

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    When NSX fanboy Chris Cut decided to cut an NSX in half to act as his NSX’s trailer for a cross country road trip, I thought that was the last time I would ever see such a thing. Turns out, it wasn’t. And this time, it isn’t a fellow Youtuber or an Instagram influencer to duplicate such a thing, but the carmaker itself.

    Japanese carmaker Toyota entered the now-virtual SEMA 2020 with one and a half of its Tacoma pickup trucks. Yes, that’s right. The other half was lifted straight from another Tacoma truck, cut in half, installed some framework and further scaffolding and voila! You have yourself an overlanding trailer.

    Mind you, the trailer doesn’t comprise solely of the flat-bed from a regular Tacoma. Toyota envisioned the customer of this trailer as someone who demands all camping amenities without having to leave their six-wheeled convoy. Which is why this trailer seems to house a provision for almost everything.

    Starting with primary needs such as a shower and a toilet and going all the way to camping luxuries such as a stove, a sink, a refrigerator-freezer and even the provision of hot water, this cutaway trailer has it all. And if the customer demanded a bit more utility, the embedded scaffolding and scissor lift would act as a firm base for setting up the tent. To top it off, the trailer even comes with its own Yamaha generator to keep your beers cool regardless of the weather of the wilderness you drove your trailer into.

    SEMA is known to be the go-to place for showcasing extremities, and Toyota really went for a crazy product with the trailer. Production for the same remains highly doubtful, and even if the consumers generated enough interest, it is easy to assume this half-cut Tacoma won’t be cheap to buy. However, kudos to Toyota for making something like this as carmakers generally shy away from cutting their cars in half.

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    • I love it!

        12 days ago
    • TRD USA have been building overland expedition solutions for a while, it’s plausible for this to be offered as an option.

        12 days ago
      • 12 days ago
    • Seen this done redneck style a few Toyota just refined it for SEMA

        10 days ago
    • Am I they only one that thought this was this but in truck form before I saw the other bed.

        11 days ago


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