Toyota Contemplating Supra Gran Coupe

3w ago


In a stunning report coming out of Toyota leaked by an inside source, Toyota is being influenced by BMW. Not only will the new Supra be based on a BMW but Toyota's future business practices will reflect BMW's modern tactics.

The leak coming out of Toyota reads as follows. Dear esteemed journalist, I was in a meeting today talking about the new Supra program. The huge amount of 13-year-old internet commenters who can't drive but still like the car gives us hope. Its clear everyone likes this new car and our partnership with BMW so we're going to double down. Why sell one Supra that's two doors when BMW sells coupes with 4 doors.

Car enthusiasts love modern BMW. There ability to slice the pie ever so thin with redundant models really tugs at the heartstrings at the BMW faithful. According to my source, Toyota is inspired by modern BMW they want to start cutting up that delicious pie.

The Supra gran coupe will offer the same BMW pedigree we've grown to love on the A90 Supra but now with 4 doors. Toyota is ready to join the vanguard of the automotive world and declare that coups can have more than 4-doors.

Hope you enjoyed this fake news! Thank you for reading.



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