Toyota Disqualified Rebellion Take Victory

A failed scrutineering test lead to the disqualification of both Toyota's

The performance from Toyota at Silverstone this past weekend was incredible. they absolutely dominated in qualifying and the race. But only a few hours after the race it was revealed that both cars had failed one of the scrutineering test and as a result were removed from the results handing the win to the #3 Rebellion car.

The car that won the race but removed from the results.

The car that won the race but removed from the results.

The statement said the No.8 car had "deflected 6 mm on the right hand side and 8 mm on the left hand side under the specified 2500 N load at the front of the skid block" and a similar infringement was found on the #7 car. Because the win was given to Rebellion is means that they are now just 2 points behind the #8 car in the championship standings.

New race winners.

New race winners.

Because of Toyota's pace advantage it feels like they could've avoided this fate had they not pushed so hard as they are so far ahead of the field. They claimed the supports for the floor for the floor were damaged on the new kerb stones at Silvestone but when they were checked the FIA found no issue. Toyota do have the right to appeal.


#91 Porsche of Richard Lietz and Gianmaria Bruni fought hard from the very back of the GTE PRO field to claim second place in class at the end of the 6 hours just 14 seconds behind the #51 AF Corse Ferrari. But, a post race test found the car was running 2 mm lowers than the minimum limit of 50 mm. (Should've pumped the tires up a bit.)

This resulted in the car being disqualified promoting the #67 Ford of Harry Tincknell and Andy Priaulx to second in class, while the second Porsche, the #92 car of Michael Christensen and Kevin Estre, moves up to third. The leading entries from Aston Martin and BMW are elevated to fourth and fifth places respectively.

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