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Earlier in March, I discovered the fascinating Toyota Collection that was set up at the Cologne headquarters of Toyota Germany. As the name suggests, the Toyota Collection is not a factory museum, but a private collection that was acquired by Toyota Germany, to maintain it, following the passing away of the original collector.

The Toyota site in Cologne also hosts the technical center of Toyota’s sports department (Toyota Motorsport), that contributed to the collection with a few exciting pieces (F-1, Le Mans and Rallye cars).

Toyota F1 and an LMP1,

The collection is actively managed, traded, occasionally lent for events, and is still being extended with new items.

The Sera was a homologation prototype

There are many cars you would never get to see, partly because they were not sold in Europe (like the Sera, and US versions), and there are a few artefacts like Roger Moore’s very own Land Cruiser, a Celica signed by Toyota’s F1 drivers and the original collector's personal favourites.

There is a lovely collection of Celicas and Supras

The Toyota collection is a must-see hour for all, who are interested in Toyotas from the past 40 years. Although the styling of the Collection cannot be compared with the leading factory museums from the south of Germany (the closest comparison would be the private Mazda Frey Museum near Augsburg), the contribution by Toyota Motorsport and the historical value of the collection makes it an interesting programme for those who pass by Cologne. According to the Collection’s website, ad hoc public openings are scheduled to the every first Saturday of each month (next up 3rd November).

At that time, I already wrote an extensive article about it, but there is a good reason for this Drivetribe post. Some time ago, the Collection launched a Facebook group for Toyota enthusiasts, to share their experience and passion for the brand. As I have no Toyota to show for, I wanted to contribute with this post. I imagine there are quite a few readers in the Drivetribe Community who would be interested in following and perhaps even in visiting them.

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