Toyota gives the world a life-size Tamiya Hilux Bruiser because R/C cars rule

Do you want a full-sized version of an R/C car? – Of course you do

3y ago

Have you ever looked at a scale sized model of a car and thought ‘I wish I could have a full-sized real one?’ Well, Toyota thought exactly that when it came to the Tamiya built Hilux Bruiser R/C car and has given us this, a full sized version complete with all the details of its miniature counterpart.

This life-sized replica is based on the current Hilux complete with its 2.4-litre diesel motor, meaning it will likely outlast the NiCad battery from the 1/10th model it’s based upon.

One thing that stands out about this replica is the details, as here they are spot on, in the trucks bed is a huge on/off switch (no word on if this works), a massive aerial also stands tall behind the cab to ensure you can control it at speed, and it even has bonnet clips to hold the body in place. Although we suspect these are purely for show.

The bodywork features full matching graphics to recreate the original R/C version, also present and correct are the white sidebars as well as the front and rear bullbars. It even gets matching chromed wheels and the louvred rear window cover, and chunky tyres so you can throw it around in the garden.

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Comments (2)

  • Ni-Cad battery in the model? I'd be very surprised by that, unless this is a very old story.

      3 years ago
  • The Japanese are superb at this sort of fastidious detail. Blue paint job looks a tad off in the pics though, but could be the light. Beautifully executed and one for the toy box. Thinking of which, does the full sized version come with a box to put it in? 😎😄

      3 years ago