Toyota GR 86 gets the Pandem Rocket Bunny treatment

Polarizing or pornographic?

5d ago

Just three weeks out from SEMA 2021, Pandem has given us a sneaky peak at the Cusco display car that is showcasing their latest GR 86 Rocket Bunny bodykit. And it looks.. well..

Now when one of the other less reputable automotive websites reviews a Pandem bodykit, they ploddingly describe exactly what the bodykit looks like for their readers as if they're yet to discover how pictures work. They'll point out the ridiculously flared fenders that are a feature of every Rocket Bunny bodykit, or explain that the rear spoiler has downturned edges. But as DriveTribe readers tend to be a sophisticated bunch, we're not going to do any of that. In fact, there's only one aspect of this bodykit I want to discuss, and that is those awful square wheel arches.

Now obviously taste is a very personal thing, and some cars do look good with square wheel fenders - cars like Volvos or Land Cruisers. But when you pair sharp angles with flowing shapes, you get something that resembles a jigsaw piece wearing a rollerskate.

Commenters on Pandems own Facebook page were about as supportive as you'd expect:

As with all Pandem designs, the wheels and tyres were agonised over first, with the rest of the design work on hold until the perfect combination was decided on. From there the entire car is 3D scanned using a $30,000 Artec LEO, a tool well known for its automatic onboard image processing. Some would call it overkill but not us.

But love the GR 86 Rocket Bunny or hate it, Pandem's owner Kei Miura continues to set trends by mixing old school design elements with new school cars topped off with a healthy dollop of typical Japanese automotive insanity.

Pandem is taking orders for the Toyota GR 86 Rocket Bunny kit via social media, but it has yet to be listed on their website. Prices for the previous kit are available at prices anywhere from $3,550 up to an eye-watering $13,373. We expect an official announcement from Pandem following SEMA which will wind up on November 5 2021.

What do you think about the Pandem GR 86 Rocket Bunny kit? Tell us below:

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  • S U B Z E R O

      5 days ago
  • I feel ideas coming to my mind that are genuinely dangerous for my wallet

      3 days ago
    • Oh dont worry. I feel the same way - about the wallet in my dreams cause I have no money lmao

        3 days ago
  • Beautiful

      17 hours ago
  • I don't usually like pandem but this is nice

      1 day ago
  • Kinda want it. Just need the kit…and the car…and a loan.

      3 days ago