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Toyota GR Yaris Review:
If you didn't know Toyota is quite big in rallying and they use rally versions of the Toyota Yaris. For Toyota to enter their car, they must create a road legal version. And that is the GR Yaris. In other words, it's Toyota's hot hatch that is to take on the lights of the VW Polo GTI, Ford Fiesta ST and MINI John Cooper works.
Starting with the stats. It has a 1.6 litre 3 cylinder turbocharged engine, which puts out 257hp and 266lb ft of torque. Now that is a lot for this class of hot hatches. For example, the Polo has 197hp which is the same at the Fiesta. That is a 60hp advantage for the Toyota! 0-60mph/0-100kph takes just 5.5 seconds. All of the Toyota's main rivals are front wheel drive, the Toyota is four wheel drive. The Yaris also doesn't have any fancy automatic gearbox, it has a six speed gearbox which is what you want. So already, the Yaris has beat it's rivals in power.
So let's start looking at the changes over the normal Yaris to the GR Yaris. And the main thing is they have made it a 3 door and have widened the track (especially at the rear). They have also made the car a lot lower and have made the roof lope down more towards the rear. They have also been trying to save weight. They've done this by fitting a carbon fibre roof and have made some panels aluminium. Overall the Yaris weighs under 1300kg. On the inside, the main thing they've changed is the seats. They sre now propet body hugging sport seats. But the rest of the interior is similar to the normal Yaris.
However, there are a few, well rather large problems with the Toyota GR Yaris. The first one is that while changing the roofline does make the car look better it does take away a lot of the headroom in the rear. The boot is also very small. Another sad thing is that Toyota will only be making 25,000 cars. But the biggest problem is the price. It is £30,000 which is a lot. Rivals like the Polo GTI cost less that £25,000.In fact, for just £1000 you could buy the Honda Civic Type R which is more powerful, a lot more practical and in my opinion the best hot hatch out there.
Overall my verdict on the Toyota GR Yaris is it is a car that thrashes it's rivals and it is designed just primarily to have fun in, but it isn't very practical and it is rather expensive.
Tell me what you think of it and whether you disagree with me or not.

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Comments (18)

  • I will admit, the Germans are better for quality but you are driving the old yaris. So you don't actually know if quality has changed or not

      2 months ago
  • The ST and GTI have 197hp but the Yaris has 257hp

      2 months ago
  • Why do you think that?

      2 months ago
  • It’s good for a Yaris, but who in the right mind would choose this over a Golf GTI or a Fiesta ST?

      2 months ago
    • The Yaris is faster then the ST and probably the GTi, and from what reviewers say, just as characterful as the hoon tool the ST

        2 months ago
    • Yeah but probably no where near as reliable in the future and as well built and practical as the other 2

        2 months ago