Toyota GR Yaris VS Honda Civic Type R

Two totally different cars made for totally different reasons. Who shall win then.

18w ago

Toyota released a new hot hatch in early 2020 and it’s been going strong so I am going to see how it competes with the old competition. These two cars couldn't be any different. The Yaris has come from a rallying background while the civic comes from a racing background. This means that the cars have totally different driving styles. Let’s first talk about the Yaris. Made to get Toyota into the World Rally Championship ( WRC) they had to make 25,000 cars and sell for just under 30k (£29,995). The Yaris has a 3 cylinder engine creating 257 BHP. The engine ,just like the fiesta ST, can shut down one cylinder to save fuel. The Yaris can propel itself from 0-62 in just 5.5 seconds and won’t run out of puff till just past 140. Without the 4WD system the Yaris wouldn’t be able to get to 62 in at least 6 seconds. Another special feature are the 3 driving modes, normal, sport and track. No off-road though. Normal sends 40% of the power to the front wheels and 60% to the rear. Then there’s sport which sends 30% of power to the front and 70% to the rear. Finally there’s track which has an equal power distribution of 50:50. I would use sport on the backroads to add a little fun into journeys but track is by far the best to use.

Now to the Civic. With the Civic costing 10k more than the Yaris (£39,995) it better be good. The Civic does have a bigger engine which does produce another 50 BHP than the Yaris creating around 310 BHP. The it does though have a slower 0-62 time of 5.7 seconds but it will carry on going to well past 160mph. The Civic does have a slightly awkward driving position placing you low in the car. An ideal view for racing but not the ideal view when driving around a town or going to the local supermarket. The Yaris on the other hand sits you high in the cabin perfect for rallying and perfect for a daily commuter. The Civic does come at a cheaper price with the sport pack but that does remove the huge rear wing, which people might be glad off, but then you can see bad design of the Civic more. Unlike the Yaris though the Civic has FWD meaning you won't find oversteer too much of a problem. Inside the Civic though there isn’t a huge screen to distract you when driving and the controls are easy to find with them all being buttons and not hidden in the depths of an infotainment screen. The Civic does weigh another 100kg than the Yaris but it does give the car a bit more handling than the light Yaris.

Overall the car that I would choose would have to be the Toyota Yaris GR. The Civic might be a great car, but for daily use it’s not the ideal car. The Yaris is easy to drive and great to have the odd play around in. Seems the Yaris is still going strong even a year after it’s launch.

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