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Toyota GRMN Yaris: Here They Are

Only 500 Japanese people get to pick between rally prowess and closed-circuit talent

2d ago

Drivetribe is still alive enough to see the Tokyo Auto Salon and most of its reveals. One especially cool car that some are waiting for is that "fully-tuned" Yaris that Toyota teased a few days ago. And it's here: the GRMN Yaris, now with two flavours to choose from. It's also Japan-only.

Yup, this new package for the GR Yaris is limited to just 500 units in Japan, so the foreigners will have to hope against hope that these get loaded into Gran Turismo at some point. But if you're Japanese, you're in luck: the GRMN Yaris is the culmination of every lesson Toyota learned from racing the base GR Yaris both in the grids of Super Taikyu and the stages of the Japanese Rally Championship.

You get to pick between two versions: a "Circuit" package that's tuned for tarmac running, and a "Rally" version with different suspension parts fit for when you run out of tarmac. Both versions remove the rear seats and endow the car with both more power (20 more than the base) as well as closer gear ratios on the 6-speed manual gearbox. It also loses as many as 30kg reduced thanks to new carbon parts and extra lightweighting elsewhere while gaining BBS wheels and Recaros for you and a co-driver.

And each one will be hand-made and tailored to what a customer wants, which explains the limited production run and regional exclusivity. Heck, even the Rally package is a dealer-only option set, so Toyota is catering a customer base with a more refined taste.

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  • I would buy both

      6 hours ago
  • Can someone from Japan buy it for me

      1 day ago