The new Toyota Supra has not had the start that it had hoped for. While the parts it has borrowed from Germany have enraged the purists, the Supra has not been appreciated. In fact, it has been a bit criticized. But we all knew that the Supra would be tuned and then we would be having the ultimate Supra. Well now Toyota has gone mad with the Supra and given us five, yes FIVE wild Supras.

Toyota GR Supra Heritage Edition

If ever there was a word that the Supra wouldn't like, then the word would be 'Heritage'. The Supra has been overpowered by the burden of this word. Now though we have this, the Heritage edition. The Heritage reminds us of the 90s with that big rear wing, awesome tires and bonkers styling. Power has been upgraded from 340 to 500bhp and Brembo brakes and adjustable coilover suspension make sure that the car is well-behaved.

Toyota GR Supra HyberBoost Edition

Toyota has completely gone bonkers with the naming. The name 'HyperBoost' suits this Supra as this has 750bhp. Brembos and Coilover are there to keep a check. Truth be told, those red wheels and that massive wing are a thing to behold.

Toyota GR Supra Wasabi Concept

Ever eaten a Wasabi? Well its a very famous Japanese vegetable and now it will become even more famous as its name is on a car that has 20in alloy wheels wrapped in fantastic Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tyres, new Brembo brakes and adjustable coilover suspension. There's no extra power though.

Toyota GR Supra 3000GT Concept

While it may look that this car has 1000bhp, it actually has the same amount of power as the standard Supra. Weird, isn't it? This car pays homage to the glorious TRD3000GT kit. Once again there are Brembo brakes and adjustable coilover suspension. There is also a thumping Pioneer stereo that will add ti your enjoyment when you will be siting in those FIA-approved bucket seats.

Toyota GR Supra Performance Line

Looking at the cars above, this Supra is a bit humble. While Toyota has gone bonkers with the other Supras, this car just has a subtle bodykit and custom exhaust system.


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