Toyota has one game-changing trick up its sleeve

One which will help the Japanese automaker to thrash its competitors.

1w ago

The ongoing semiconductor chip shortage is affecting almost every single automaker in the car industry, barring most from even producing all of their cars. Toyota however has one trick up its sleeve: a huge stockpile.

It turns out that the Japanese automaker kept an emergency stockpile of chips after the tsunami which occurred in 2011, maximising the chances of the automaker being able to continuously produce cars no matter what the scenario is.

Toyota plans to return to a more normal flow of production in December, with the goal of producing 97,000 vehicles by March of next year according to Reuters. A few weekend shifts are apparently being added to ensure that the job is done though none of this has been confirmed directly by Toyota, with a spokesman having said “Nothing has been decided about production plans beyond November.”

If the rumours are true, this might just be Toyota’s chance to jump right ahead of its competitors.

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  • "with the goal of producing 97,000 vehicles by March of next year"

    97000 per day? per week?

    They are usualy producing some millions per year.

    How big is the shortage?

      7 days ago