Toyota has released the new BZ branding logo

I​t will be used on future EVs from Toyota

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Toyota has released the look of its BZ badge that it will use in future electric cars built by the manufacturer. By now you probably have several questions. I shall answer the basics here.

What on earth does BZ actually mean?

BZ stands for beyond zero. It is part of a climate change-fighting assault by Toyota to bring down the emissions made from its cars.

W​hat will the first BZ be and when will it be released to buy?

T​he Toyota BZ range will consist of several electric cars to represent the future of Toyota. When the first car will be released is currently unknown but it is known that it will be a similar size to a RAV4 but with more interior space thanks to a longer wheelbase and shorter overhangs. It marks a shift of focus for Toyota from hybrids to electric cars. They have trademarked the names for the BZ with numbers 1-5 inclusive. It is thought that 1 is the smallest car and 5 is the biggest. They have also trademarked names like BZ4X and BZ5X which are likely to be used on SUVs.

S​o this is a long-term project?

Y​es it is. For the last 20 years Toyota has been investing in hybrids and it is starting to pay off now. Back in 2011 they made a RAV4 electric using Tesla batteries which was its first major foray into EVs. Now they are back but with dedicated platforms and batteries sourced from Panasonic.

What platform will all of this be based on?

All of this will be based on e-TNGA. It is scalable to different widths, lengths, heights and wheelbases for different vehicles. It means they only have to develop one platform for the entire BZ range of cars. It is a similar strategy that VW has employed with the MEB architecture.

Are any other manufacturers in on the e-TNGA project?

A concept Subaru based on e-TNGA

A concept Subaru based on e-TNGA

Yes there are. Subaru is helping with the development of the platform and will build its own cars upon it. Of course other Lexus and Daihatsu will also get access to e-TNGA in due course to target more customers in different segments. There are also reports that Tesla and Toyota will collaborate on EVs in the future. If you want to know more about that potential partnership then read this:

What do the exec's at Toyota say?

Matt Harrison-Executive Vice-President of Toyota Europe

Matt Harrison-Executive Vice-President of Toyota Europe

In an interview with Auto Express Matt Harrison, Executive Vice-President of Toyota Europe and the man who will become Toyota Europe's CEO said about the first BZ car: “The size is similar to RAV4, so between RAV4, which is already available as a hybrid and plug-in hybrid, and this product as a zero-emissions option, we’ve pretty much got this covered. Customers would choose between these two vehicles in our portfolio. We’ll have to see when we get closer to the start of production what the incentive situation is, because this can have an impact on where the model transacts. But we’re trying to make sure that with any of the EVs, we don’t count on incentives to secure the business equation.” He also confirmed that the RAV4-sized BZ model will cost more than the RAV4.

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  • I would rather see Toyota release the two letters MR. Preferably followed by the number 2. Then they'll have got it.

      8 days ago
  • How dreadful is that, stop trying to make EVs seem cool, because they're not

      8 days ago
  • Looks like a racetrack 😉

      8 days ago
  • I'm excited to see what Toyota come up with, there will probably some quite cool stuff

      8 days ago
  • i'm not really a fan of evs...

      8 days ago