T​oyota is testing a V8-Powered Supra

Toyota is currently testing t​his Supra GT300 fitted with a V8 engine

1y ago

T​he 2020 Toyota Supra is probably one of the most controversial car of 2020, co-developed by BMW Toyota's new flagship even has BMW badges on its door sills. Many see this as Toyota giving up, cashing in, diluting their most iconic model of all time.

Despite using BMW's excellent B58 six-cylinder engine many have wondered if the new Supra would have been better off using a Lexus-derived V8 engine. However, in an effort not to disappoint purists any further Toyota decided to stick with the six-cylinder.

Despite the Supra's inline six heritage someone has seemingly spotted a V8-powered incarnation undergoing testing on a racetrack. YouTube user Nenkatsu has posted a video of Toyota testing what appears to be a V8-powered Supra race car. Unfortunately, however, he has since removed the video for unknown reasons.

T​he car you can see in the images above is called the Toyota Supra GT300, a car meant for Japan's GT300 series. One which is well known for giving manufacturers the freedom to experiment with various aerodynamic, and more notably powertrain options.

T​he car is being tested by Toyota's Gazoo racing team, and although camouflaged, the car we can see above is obviously a modded Supra. In the video the car could be heard making a very distinct V8 growl, however, it sounded nothing like the Lexus 5.0 liter engine. Having said that, it is highly unlikely that Toyota developed a new engine just for the GT300 series.

T​his may lead some to believe that Toyota may soon offer a V8-option for the Supra, however, there has been no official comment on this mater from Toyota or any other reliable sources. However, as we can all agree a V8 Supra seems like a pretty interesting proposition.


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Comments (17)

  • 5.4L RC F Gt3 engine,like the Prius GT300. The chassis is a JAF Gt300

      1 year ago
  • Can they make sth like a '4jz'?

      1 year ago
    • Maybe you already know this but toyota already makes a V8, called the UZ series as far as i know three generations exist the 1UZ-FE the 2UZ-FE and the 3UZ-FE. :D

        1 year ago
    • Uz engines are great strong internals and overhead cams

        1 year ago
  • Talks about the sound but no video posted. Got it.

      1 year ago
  • Finally a Supra worth ignoring the BMW badge for

      1 year ago
  • I’m testing a W12 powered BMW Isetta

      1 year ago