Toyota Kijang:The car that put Indonesian on wheels

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Every Indonesian was riding a Kijang once or twice.Or even owns one.Back in the 80s to 90s,The Toyota Kijang was the most popular car in Indonesia.Until it got replaced by the Toyota Avanza in the 2000s.Which is actually the cheapest MPV that you can buy back then (Before the even cheaper Toyota Calya launched.But the Avanza still the most popular).Even Avanza still carried some of the Kijang DNA.The Kijang still produced until today as the Kijang Innova.Let's take a look of the Kijang generations

The first generation (KF10):1976-1981

The First Generation of the Toyota Kijang was produced from 1976 to 1981.The Prototipe was shown at 1975 Jakarta Fair.It shares the same 1.2L 3K engine that also used by the Toyota Corolla.The first generation Toyota Kijang was called Kijang Buaya (Crocodile) because the engine hood resembled a crocodile's mouth once opened.The first generation Toyota Kijang was very basic.Even there's no door handle or windows.Around 26.000 units were sold until 1981.This generation of Kijang was also sold in Philippines as the Toyota Tamaraw

The Second Generation (KF20/KF30):1981-1986

The Second generation of the Toyota Kijang was produced i from 1981 to 1986.It uses the 1.3L 4K engine and later replaced with the more powerful 1.5L 5K engine.The Kijang started gaining his popularity in this generation and beating the competitors such as Suzuki Carry and Daihatsu Hijet.The 100.000th Kijang left the production line.This thing is quite reliable despite of it's age that quite old.I often saw the Pickup version in the construction zone.

The Third Generation (KF40/KF50):1986-1996



This generation of Toyota Kijang is still common in Indonesian roads.And also,They're tough as hell.This generation of Toyota Kijang was first launched in 1986 and then,Having facelift in 1992 and 1994.This generation of Kijang is the first Kijang that have right side rear passenger door since the minibus version was bulit by the Toyota itself (Even though some was still made by several coachmakers).It uses the same 1.5L 5K engine as the previous generation.But in 1994,It uses the 1.8L 7K engine.On 17th of August,1995,Toyota launched the Toyota Kijang Soeharto Series and Soeharto Series 2 that based from SGX and LGX variant to give honour to Soeharto,The second president of Indonesia.Since Soeharto gives part to launch the Kijang in 1975.It was the first generation of Kijang that have 4 speed Automatic transmission option and quite expensive at that time (It cost Rp 100 million (US$ 11.316)) and rare because the Soeharto Series and Soeharto Series 2 only sold from 1995 to 1996.This generation of Toyota Kijang was sold in India as Toyota Qualis,South Africa as Toyota Venture/Stallion,Taiwan as Toyota Zace,And Philippines as Toyota Tamaraw FX.

And also,There's a car that based by this generation of Toyota Kijang that sold in Japan that called Toyota Deliboy.

The Fourth Generation (KF60/KF70/KF80):1997-2007



2002-2004.My cousin have the LX type of this generation

The Fourth Generation of the Toyota Kijang was launched in 1997.It shares the same platform as the Sixth Generation Toyota Hilux.Unlike the previous Kijangs,This generation of Kijang have curvy aerodynamic design.This generation used the same 1.8L 7K engine as the previous generation.Later the 2000 facelift used the 1.8L 7K-E with EFI.There's also the 2.0L 1RZ-E petrol and 2.4L 2L diesel engine option. for Indonesian marketThe minibus version was discontinued at 2004 and replaced by the Toyota Avanza but the Pickup version was discontinued at 2007.This generation was also sold in Malaysia as Toyota Unser,Philippines as Toyota Revo,Taiwan as Toyota Zace Surf,And South Africa as Toyota Condor and Toyota Stallion.

Toyota Kijang Innova First Generation (AN40):2004-2015





The Toyota Kijang Innova isn't actually a Kijang.But since it also a part of Kijang,I will put the first generation and the second generation of the Kijang Innova (Innova in the rest of the world)

The first generation of the Kijang Innova was launched in 2004.It facelifted in 2008,2011,And 2013.It uses 2.0L 1TR-FE petrol,2.7L 2TR-FE petrol (Quite rare in Indonesia since it was only produced in 2005),And 2.5L 2KD-FTV diesel.It uses the same platform as the Seventh generation Toyota Hilux and First generation Toyota Fortuner.It also sold in Malaysia,India,Philippines,Vietnam,And Middle East Countries as Toyota Innova

Toyota Kijang Innova Second Generation (AN140):2015-Present

This generation of the Toyota Kijang Innova was launched in 2015.And also shares it's platform with the Eighth generation Toyota Hilux and Second generation Toyota Fortuner.It has the same 2.0L 1TR-FE petrol engine as the previous generation and newly developed 2.4L 2GD-FTV diesel engine.It also sold in India and Thailand as Innova Crysta and Malaysia,Philippines,Vietnam,And Middle East countries as Innova.

That's all for this post.Im sorry if there's any grammatical mistakes,And see you next time