Toyota Land Cruiser null and void after 2021?

It is a sad day for fans of this highly reliable dune bashing machine.

20w ago

If a dealer source is to be believed, there is a probability that Toyota's oldest vehicle and a true-blue 4X4 which started life to cater to the Japanese military forces won't be on sale after 2021. The news has come from Motor Authority which portrayed a now deleted post on, a one-stop portal that divulges all the build-up around the Land Cruiser.

However, nothing official has been commented by the manufacturer as of now. The post further states that its sibling from Toyota's luxury arm, the Lexus LX will continue to be on sale but will ditch the time-proven 5.7 V8 for a V6 tune, maybe in a move to conform it to the latest emission norms.

The anonymous dealer source remarks that the Limited-run and niche Land Cruiser Heritage Edition will return for 2021 that pays homage to this iconic beast with barebones interior, stripped down exterior, fabric seats and some tasteful decals on the body.

The current-gen Land Cruiser codenamed the J200, has been around since 2007 and beseeches for a complete revamp and more upscale interiors. It also doesn't have much in terms of features to write home about. Hence, it is integral for the brand to reveal a new generation and most importantly, keep loyalists and fans alike, jovial.

It got its last update in 2014 which served as a braggadocio with LED inlays in headlamps, a bold and daunting grille, radically different wheel design, a bigger infotainment screen and rear entertainment screens as option in some markets.

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Comments (6)

  • I hope its too popular to kill of

      4 months ago
    • I want a new generation of the LC too, completely new inside and out.

        4 months ago
  • The VW group killing the V10, the Land Cruiser being discontinued. Can 2020 get any worse?

      4 months ago
    • The entire auto industry marching towards electrification. Worse than both you mentioned, probably.

        4 months ago
  • Dang,that's......... not good!

      4 months ago