Toyota launches a GR Yaris powered by hydrogen

This modified GR Yaris runs on hydrogen power to offer the same performance with less of an environmental impact

6w ago

Toyota has launched a brand-new Toyota Yaris, but it isn't quite what you may have been expecting. This modified hot hatch is called the GR Yaris H2 and it is a four-wheel-drive, hydrogen-powered version of the rally inspired hot hatch that everyone knows and loves.

The GR Yaris H2 uses the same hydrogen-fuelled 1.6-litre three-cylinder turbocharged engine as the brand's modified Corolla touring car that appears in Japan's Super Taikyu race series.

Toyota believes hydrogen power is the next step in saving the internal combustion engine and said: "existing internal combustion engine know-how and manufacturing investment". This is especially true following the success of the Mirai hydrogen vehicle – of which the Yaris uses the same fuelling hardware.

Toyota's Europe CEO Matt Harrison said, hydrogen power would allow Toyota to "deliver almost zero tailpipe emissions without electrification, but it does so whilst retaining the things which fans love most about race cars – the speed and the noise."

In order to make this engine work well with hydrogen power, Toyota has made some subtle but vital mechanical modifications. These include strengthening the block (as hydrogen explodes more violently than petrol), adding new valve seats and fitting an uprated injection system.

If hydrogen really is the future, then adding it to an already well-established vehicle is surely the best way to start.

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Comments (49)

  • i think ice hydrogen and renewable fuels ect need more promotion, everyone is crazy about EVs because they add honestly a trend. most non car people dont know about these fuel alternatives

      1 month ago
    • Even the batteries for electric cars are harmful but many people and in fact governments are not understanding that but even if a better battery is made still mostly all electricity is made of non Renewable resources

        1 month ago
  • Synthetic fuel is the way 💪🏻

      1 month ago
  • What if the ka returns as a hydrogen

      1 month ago
  • I wonder if my 997 could be made to burn Hydrogen?

      1 month ago
  • Hydrogen definitely has a place in our green future, perhaps is better suited to heavy logistics (trains, planes, ships and HGVs due to the power density and on board storage required. It must be produced by sustainable energy to count as green. As for synthetic fuel - try as you might to eek another decade out of the ICE and see where EVs are then. Triple the range, half the price, twice as fast. ICEs will be consigned to museums I’m afraid…

      1 month ago