Toyota release new range of supercharged kitchenware

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Toyota have confirmed that they will be releasing a brand new 203Hp supercharged Yaris, for the Geneva motorshow in March. Whilst Toyota have kept the covers on other projects that will make their debut in Geneva, they have given hints to a new run of miscellaneous items that bare the codename “Unnecessary”

A Toyota yesterday

In an interview with leading engineers, our reporter “Bellendditch Cuccumberpatch” found the following..

The project engineers have revealed that “unnecessary” will be a collection of random items that have been supercharged for the sake of it, and with no prior technical research. So far we can confirm that Toyota will take the covers off 1) A supercharged blender, modelled off the Toyota rally car. 2) A supercharged kitchen aid, modelled off the Toyota rally car. 3) A supercharged, supercharger, and quite possibly a supercharged desk fan.

An Desk fan

Whilst the release has come as unexpected shock to the rest of the motoring worlds journalists, Toyota claim “they have done their technical and market research” and assure us the project will be an amazing success.

The boys at Toyota refused to comment on whether anyone had bought anything yet, but when asked again with a pretty please Toyota opened up. “we can confirm 2 people have bought something. A well-known man by the name of Akio Toyoda has bought a blender, and Nigel Lawson has bought a kitchen aid, citing she need to cook her *Deep Sniff * cakes a lot faster because she is in a rush.

Nigel Lawson with her new TRD Supercharged Kitchen aid

We are still yet to learn whether there will be a supercharged Toyota 86, although Toyota claim “There is no market for that car”

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