Toyota reveal Centre Drive

Toyota have today reviled their new dynamic propulsion system called centre drive. We spoke to UK spokesman Reg Hardnut-Tyresnott (50) who told us that the new invention was originally developed by a Yorkshire firm (Yorkshire, a place in England with lots of hills and grass in it) Spodge and Sons and has been licenced by Toyota.

The theory behind the new system is a central driving device that resembles a fifth wheel under the car that is the main driving wheel. Reg (33) said it reduces the need for a differential in the car and sits right next to the gearbox and engine in the mid point of the car. The other four wheels just do steering.

Reg (2014) said the weight reduction of not having two wheels being driven is amazing, and all round traction happens through just one wheel. cornering is also better than most cars because of some technological science thing that we really didn't understand and just couldn't be arsed to write down.

Unfortunately on the day we visited we couldn't try out the new Centre Drive as the driving wheel has a puncture and they didn't know how they could change the wheel without taking the engine out. A small problem they hope to have fixed in the next few weeks.

We contacted Spodge and Sons to ask them how they got the idea for the Centre Drive but the office in Yorkshire (black and white without any electricity) but they didn't have the telephone that week and the lady we spoke to didn't know anything about cars and wondered where the voices came from.