- The Toyota HC Sports Concept - An automatic car with a button to change it to manual!

Toyota Reveals Concept With A Cool Gearbox Idea!

2y ago


The end of this month will bring us the Tokyo Motor Show, and we're expecting some new cars to be unveiled. Toyota have already got the ball rolling with this make-over for what looks to be a very similar model to the GT-86!

The Toyota GR HV Sports Concept - Debuted ahead of the Tokyo Motor Show!

The matte black, targa roofed GR HV Sports Concept has more aggressive bonnet intakes, front bumper and Lamborghini-style headlights. The car has an even stranger gearbox. A sporty, red cover over the gearstick, but flip this up and there's a button. This button will dis-engaged the normal 6-speed automatic gearbox and allow the driver to drive car in manual.

The gear stick looks pretty sporty, but look what happens when you lift the red flap!

You can already see tuners replacing this with a NOS button!

The GR HV Sports Concept seems to be a marmite car. Love it or hate it, the gearbox idea seems pretty cool!

Source: Autocar

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