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T​oyota secures patent to spray thieves with tear gas

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F​irst thing’s first, at the moment this is only a patent. This means that Toyota may decide against introducing such a system, but if they do then Toyota could be looking to take the next big step in preventing car theft.

I​ for one have never had my car stolen, but car theft affects hundreds of thousands of people every single day and among them are only a handful that receive their beloved cars back in one piece or at all.

T​oyota filed a patent online last week for a fragrance dispenser system in their cars. It will work by recognising the cars owner and then spraying their favourite smells throughout the cabin and it will do this by detecting the owner‘s or passenger’s mobile phone.

I​mage - https://carbuzz.com/news/toyota-develops-tear-gas-dispensing-system-to-scare-thieves-away

T​his is only part of the story though. The main focus has been around the fact that if the car picks up an illegitimate engine start attempt the system will react by dispensing tear gas into the cabin in a bid to prevent the car from being stolen. This for many will throw up some serious red flags, like what if the system malfunctions while you’re enjoying a calm drive and sprays you in the face with tear gas?

I​mage - https://www.carscoops.com/2019/03/toyota-secures-patent-where-thieves-are-sprayed-with-tear-gas/

T​oyota will not be the first in producing a system that can dispense delicious smells around the cabin based on the drivers preference. However, if they decide to introduce it, they will be the first to weaponise such a system.

W​hat do you think? Would you comfortable to drive a car with tear gas under the bonnet?

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