Toyota Sienna Mini...uh Minivan...

Alright before you say TOOO MUCH please let me explain.

1y ago

I clearly have a lot of work to do on Drivetribe because I've been gone for too long. I ditched the Escalade, found a "heatless" Sedan Deville for around 1500 bucks and then traded it in before an Ohio winter season showed up and picked up my Allante for 500 dollars. Then the bomb was dropped.

It wasn't really a bomb and completely planned out to a T. My wife and I were officially married back in October and since then, babies have been on the mind... everything works properly and we are going to have a baby in September! GO US!!

Back in high school and through college, every car guy swore up and down that they would never in their entire life own a minivan. No matter the trim level, no matter the features and no matter the HP figures.

NOW LET ME TELL YOU... I love it. Back when I had my Escalade and drove proudly down the road achieving 14MPG, fifty six miles one way to work and then back home at night, I spent so much time at gas stations I began to think I worked at one. With the Sienna the whole DAD FEELING came into play and I'm all about it... and of course it gets better gas mileage.

I work at a radio station and I know in the picture above you can see that white Escalade. Thats my former ride and I sold it to the company and its since been wrapped. Stick around and I'll get that bad boy up later.

As for the Sienna. 3.5-V6, around 270HP (not bad). It tops out at a shoulder shrugging 107. All of that doesn't matter though because once the car seat is strapped into the center row captain chair, its speed limits and slow corners from here on out.

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  • Congrats and good luck, I personally would have gotten an old mercedes diesel wagon but I totally understand your decision of the minivan. Maybe that's because no one in my family has ever owned a minivan but idk for sure.

      1 year ago
  • Congrats!

      1 year ago