Toyota Teases The 2022 GR86 In All New Rendering

The New GR86 Promises Good Looks And Improved Handling.

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With the news of the new BRZ just a week ago, it was inevitable that we would see a rendition of the new Toyota 86 soon after. The long awaited total facelift of the nearly decade old car is here at last. This promising new render boasts far better looks than the current, shark toothed 86, and even plays host to a GR badge. This is part of Toyota's efforts to slowly hand their performance vehicles over to GR Performance. The 86 is Toyota's answer to the Mazda MX5, Subaru BRZ, and Hyundai i30N.


As of now, we can assume it will share an engine with the BRZ, which is a 4cyl, with 170kW and 249Nm. This would be a power increase from the previous model of the 86. It also has a six speed, manual transmission, once again reaffirming the car worlds standing on the manual gearbox: keep it alive.


The car has been designed to reduce weight. Aluminium, and plastic are at the centre of the build, which will hopefully reduce enough weight to make an impact on performance.

These are the renders we have as of now, courtesy of

The GR86 manages to retain little from the previous design, which I see as a perk, since I personally did not like the previous models' looks. The interior contains a sport steering wheel, a reasonably large touchscreen, and a classic sport handbrake. As this car comes closer to release, we will find out more about it.

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Comments (10)

  • I liked the GT86 quite a lot when it first came out, but towards the end of its lifestyle it looked dated and the BRZ seemed like a nicer looking option. The new GR86 is cool but I’m not quite sold. It looks a bit too basic in terms of design, and the lines don’t quite work together how they should.

      1 month ago
  • Cool article mate!

      1 month ago
  • Another rendering

      1 month ago
  • im sorry but no, it looks awful

      1 month ago
  • At least the interior is more modern than the Subaru! Eh what am I kidding.......still underwhelmed sadly. Hopefully getting behind the wheel of one will change my mind.

      1 month ago